What Do We Do When A Death Occurs?

If the death occurs in a facility, let the staff know you would like to use Jack A. Hawes and they will call us at (910) 293-3535 anytime of the day or night.

If the death occurs at home and the patient is under hospice care, you call the hospice nurse and they will notify us of the death, upon your request.

If the death occurs at home and hospice is not involved, you will need to call 911. Let the medics know that you plan to use Jack A. Hawes and they will take care of notifying us. No matter what the time of day, we will come as soon as we get the notification.

If we do not desire to come to the funeral home, will you come and meet with us at our home?

Without any hesitation, Jack Hawes will come to your home to meet with you. Other accommodations are available for families that live a considerable distance from the funeral home. Please call us to see how we may be of assistance to your family.

When We Make Arrangements, What Do We Need to Have for You?

  • Vital Records Information of Your Loved One (Social Security #, Current Address, etc.)
  • Military Discharge (if Veteran and you would like a flag and marker provided)
  • Form of Payment

We Have No Church. Can You Provide a Facility for the Funeral?

Yes, we have  several beautiful facilities that you are welcome to use for a funeral or memorial service.

I Have Made Pre-Arrangements at Another Establishment. Can We Change and Use Jack A. Hawes Funeral Service Licensee?

Yes, the only thing that you have to do is tell the facility where the death has taken place or the hospice/EMS services that you would like to use Jack A. Hawes. We can arrange to transfer the pre-paid funds after the death occurs. There is no additional fees for transferring pre-needs/pre-arrangements.